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Elecrama 2010

LARE & UC Micro Systems had put up a stall at Elecrama 2010 (20th to 24th January). We got a fantastic response from all kinds of visitors - professionals and students alike. (Being one of the handful few of electronics based company in a large exhibition full of electrical companies did help! :) ) Here are a few pics from the event:

Number Plate of an Engineer

What better way to say "Hey! this car belongs to an Embedded Systems Engineer!!!" Of course when I get one, it will be some swanky one with AUTOSAR compliant interconnected (via FlexRay/LIN/CAN) ECUs. By the way this number plate is actually cool in one other way too... MFC stands for Microsoft Foundation Classes - which projects the image that the owner is a complete hardware AND software geek!!

Wireless Photography!!

We needed to take photos of our products (mainly UNIBlocks) and put them on our online webshop. We were impressed by the product photos put up on their websites by a few other similar companies based in countries other than India (like Sparkfun, Jee Labs and Seeed Studios). So we set out on a quest for "technology and methodology" for taking the perfect photo of our products. We had a DSLR camera (Nikon D40x), but we needed something more. And since we were at it, I thought why not try to make the whole photography process simpler - so that even those who were new to DSLRs and expensive studio equipment, could easily and swiftly take good photos. Step 1) The first step was to get a card. Having a way to quickly and conveniently pull a photo from the camera (and that too wirelessly!) would be super useful - I would be able to look at the final photo immediately after clicking it and check if it has come out properly. This minimizes the time for arriving at opti