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MT7688 Duo getting started

Now days I am putting together a basic kit for an IoT course that I am designing.
The kit consists of items purchased from Visha World.
This is what it looks like at the moment.

All of the above components - except MT7688 Duo - can be purchased online from Visha World. For MT7688 Duo, you can visit seeed studio and order it from them. Once I am done designing the course, the details will be available on our training website over at and the kit as a whole will be made available at

As of now, the kit consists of the following:

MT7688 Duo [Buy]4GB MicroSD Card8 Channel Relay board controllable over USB [Buy]CH340G Based USB UARTBreadboard [Buy]Breadboard patch cables 40 way Male to Female 200mm long [Buy]Breadboard patch cables 40 way Female to Female 200mm long [Buy]Breadboard patch cables 40 way Male to Male 200mm long [Buy]USB OTG CableDHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor [Buy]0.96" OLED Display [Buy]microUSB cable for MT7688 Duo's Microprocess…