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Motorola S-record file

Compilers for microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics like R8C and M16C usually output a .mot file which is a Motorola S-record file. This is a standard ASCII text file which contains the opcodes to be placed at each location within the target microcontroller's program flash memory. A programmer application software would read this .mot file and program the flash memory of the microcontroller chip accordingly. Motorola S-record format is somewhat similar to Intel HEX file format

The following quick reference chart will help you understand the Motorola S-record file format easily - specially useful if you are developing software to parse .mot file. The diagram was based on the data presented at:

A4 Landscape PDF File of the above diagram is here.
I have also made this diagram available on Wikimedia Commons here and have embedded it in the SREC article on Wikipedia.


  1. Thanks for your information.

    I'm just a beginner for the renesas controller. i have IDE to compile the code. but i'm not able to convert it into binary. Can you suggest me some other tools to convert mot to bin file.


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