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Plug in Lamp Dimmer - The Jugaad Way

My cousin sister left me an awesome Floor Lamp (Ikea Orgel Vreten Floor Lamp). Since, the lamp was bought from USA, I had to modify it by installing alternate holders for the bulbs available here in India. Indian bulbs had different threading.

The Floor Lamp
Once that was done, I started thinking of ways to neatly install a dimmer for it since I couldn't find Indian equivalent for the American/European ones like this one here.

I tried to stick one to the plug - it worked - but looked really ugly:

First try
Then one day, I remembered to  ask Rohit Garg, if he had a better way of getting this done, and he did. He used an adapter casing and installed a dimmer inside it. He also added a metal knob to make it look even better:
Plug in Dimmer made by Rohit
I got another brainwave to use the white three core ironing cable to replace the lamp's existing black one to match the white walls.

Ironing Cable
Floor Lamp with the jugaad dimmer installed
As an after thought, I added a pair of 2 pin socket/plug pair to easily attach detach the dimmer to the lamp.

Adding 2 pin socket plug pair to the dimmer casing
The whole effort cost me less than 400 rupees - a lot less than the 10.80 GBP Plug in Dimmer I was vying for. In case you have a similar lamp (not that this works only for bulbs and not CFLs or LED lamps) requiring addition of a dimmer, do feel free to contact Rohit over phone or by visiting his shopfront on Aundh Road, Pune at the address below: