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Replacing batteries in Black and Decker DP240 2.4V Direct-Plug Rechargeable Screwdriver

I have owned a Black and Decker DP240 Cordless Electric Screwdriver for 5 years now. Its battery had started losing its capacity to hold charge, so I looked online to see if it was possible to change its batteries. I couldn't find any blog/DIY guide on which batteries to replace the internal ones with and how to go about pry open the screwdriver and putting it back. So here are some photos outlining how I changed the batteries in mine and turned it into new.

To open the screwdrive, you will need a set of "Torx Pin 6 lobe" screwdriver set. You cant use regular torx screwdriver bits. You need ones with holes in the center of the bits so that the center pin on the screw can fit into those holes. You can buy just a set of just the bits here.

Torx pin 6 lobe Screwdrivers to open the shell

Screwdriver with the shell opened

It seems that the screwdriver comes with two AA size
1.2V NiCd 800 mAh cells installed

I replaced the 800mAh batteries with 2550 mAh NiMH cells
eneloop by Panasonic is the best brand of NiMH cells

Soldering wires onto the cells

And putting the screw driver back together


  1. How well did the NiMH cells work out? They usually require a different charging circuit.

  2. Working better and lasting longer between charges than NiCd cells


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