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Linux Internals

What happens at boot?

  1. Kernel Boot Process by 0xAX at Github
  2. Analyzing the Linux boot process by Alison Chaiken

What happens when a device is plugged in?

  1. What actually happens when you plug in a USB device? by Ian Wienand

What happens when you execute a userspace programm from the command line?

  1. How to show all shared libraries used by executables in Linux? Stack Overflow
  2. Loading of shared libraries and RAM usage Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

What happens when you compile userspace applications?

  1. How to write shared libraries? by Ulrich Drepper
  2. Static, Shared Dynamic and Loadable Linux Libraries
  3. Load-time relocation of shared libraries
  4. Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries
  5. Where the top of the stack is on x86

What happens when you compile the kernel?

  1. Shrinking the kernel with link-time garbage collection
  2. Shrinking the kernel with link-time optimization
  3. Shrinking the kernel with an axe