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Who are we?

Hi, I am Anurag Chugh. I work at LARE
LARE is an Indian company working in the field of embedded electronics.
Our website is located at

Here is a short description of what we do:

UC Micro Systems (
LARE is a "Services Only" Company and is a subsidiary of UC Micro Systems ( UC Micro Systems manufactures and sells various products - mostly development tools for electronics engineers involved in developing embedded systems. The UNIPro Universal Programmers are the most popular product series sold by UC Micro Systems in India.

LARE Learning Center
LARE provides corporate and academic training solutions in the field of electronics. We do so in two ways: either by carrying out courses at out Learning Centers or at the client's venue. Our first "Learning Center" was inaugurated in April 2009 at Belapur, New Mumbai, India. We have a lot of resources here , which the students can make use of to get hands on experience developing latest technologies being used in latest consumer and industrial electronics.
Through these "Learning Centers" we in intend to fill in the gaps in knowledge which the student has acquired at college.
At college, the student might learn what a capacitor is and how it looks on paper. But when the student actually enters professional life, he/she finds that there are a million kinds of capacitors in millions of packages with many different parameters other than just the capacitance value. A 10 microfarad capacitor might be made of tantalum in a Case B Surface Mount form rated at 16Volts or it might be cylinderical and a centimeter high with leads spaced 0.1 inches apart and rated at 25 Volts.
This tantalum capacitor might be used in a power supply section of a board sporting a multi-core IC with RISC microprocessor and a digital signal processor running linux playing a full-HD movie from the SD card on a 17" LCD TV. Well if you want to know how to select a single capacitor from amongst a million and how to go about using it in developing hardware and software for systems as simple as a wrist watch or a calculator to those as complex as the kind used in the cellphones, this is the place to come.

LARE Research Center
The Research Center provides design services and technical support to all internal departments of LARE and UC Micro Systems. It's like the brain - The Fountainhead if you may - behind all the activities carried out at LARE. Whether its developing universal modular electronics blocks (UNIBlocks) for use in student projects/ professional prototypes or Hobbyist Kits (VishaKits) or even full fledged development tools (SDKs for UC Micro Systems) - Research Center does it all.

LARE Design Services
LARE Design Services provides solutions to develop products for external clients. The activities carried out at "Design Services" are similar to those at "Research Center" but catering to external clients. The main theme here is "System Integration". If you want the legacy equipment in you company to be updated using latest technologies like Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth then this is the place to come to. It doesn't matter what your product involve : LCDs, stepper motors, GPS, any kind of sensor - smoke or oxygen, hall effect or dirt, load cell or colour - we can definitely come up with a design as per your needs. Currently we are serving only Indian clients.

LARE Resource Center
Takes care of the sales and marketing of LARE Services and UC Micro Systems Products.
It also provides Technical Support to clients who have opted to buy services and products from us.

Visha Electronics Corporation (
Visha Electronics is a very well known components distributor based in Mumbai, India. Visha Electronics aids the LARE Resource Center in its Sales and Marketing activities.


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