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Enabling an Industrial I/O Driver on Raspberry Pi 3 running Arch Linux ARM

MPU9250 from TDK is a three in one Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass sensor with an I2C interface. Mainline Linux kernel has the source code for it's driver which reads values from the sensor via I2C and exposes it via the filesystem using the Industrial I/O subsystem. Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi does not come with the driver for this pre-compiled and enabled. Here is how to compile and enable the driver on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

ConnectionsBuy the MPU9250 Widget from Amazon and hook it up to your Raspberry Pi as per the table

RPi3 (2.54mm)MPU9250 Module
(2.54mm)3.3V PWR Pin 1VCCGND Pin 9GNDI2C1_SCL GPIO 3 Pin 5SCLI2C1_SDA GPIO 2 Pin 3SDAGPIO4 Pin 7INT
Preparations Prepare and boot Arch Linux ARM from SD Card: instructions are here.Connect the Raspberry Pi to your home network using an ethernet cable.Look up the DHCP assigned IP address from your router’s configuration web interface, it will show as a new device named "alarmpi".