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A Security Cam that pushes video clips to your phone: Motion Pie + PushBullet

What? Raspberry Pi running Motion Pie. USB Webcam is connected to it. A bash script pushes small snippets of videos (shot when motion is detected() to your phone. How? Signup for PushBullet  and install the android app on your phone (and chrome extension on your browser) Take a Raspberry Pi and connect a Raspberry Pi Camera or USB Webcam to it. I used a UVC USB Webcam. Format a SD Card on your computer and write the Motion Pie image to it. Here is how  to do it. Connect your Raspberry Pi to your home WiFi router using Ethernet cable. My house has CAT5 wire running through pipes concealed in the walls. Perform basic configuration on the Raspberry Pi using its web interface.  Administrator password. (Otherwise you wont be able to connect to it using SSH/PuTTY) Setting the timezone. Network setting - I used static IP address. Enable FTP write support. Video Device - Camera name or rotation etc. File storage: I used "network share" option to point back to the