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Who are we?

Hi, I am Anurag Chugh. I work at LARE LARE is an Indian company working in the field of embedded electronics. Our website is located at . Here is a short description of what we do: UC Micro Systems ( ) LARE is a "Services Only" Company and is a subsidiary of UC Micro Systems ( UC Micro Systems manufactures and sells various products - mostly development tools for electronics engineers involved in developing embedded systems. The UNIPro Universal Programmers are the most popular product series sold by UC Micro Systems in India. LARE Learning Center LARE provides corporate and academic training solutions in the field of electronics. We do so in two ways: either by carrying out courses at out Learning Centers or at the client's venue. Our first "Learning Center" was inaugurated in April 2009 at Belapur, New Mumbai, India. We have a lot of resources here , which the students can make use of to get hands on experien