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HelloWorld in Lua on Raspberry Pi running Mihini on ArchLinux with Koneki as IDE

Here is how you would go about setting up Eclipse's M2M development environment on your Windows Computer & Raspberry Pi. This blog post can be considered as a simplified (and a little bit updated) version of " Run Mihini on an Open Hardware platform " specific to RPi/ArchLinux combination: Get your Raspberry Pi up and running: Get the latest ArchLinux SD card image for Raspberry Pi from here Write the image on to an SD card using either dd (if using Linux) or Win32 Disk Imager (if using Windows) Boot the Rasberry Pi using the newly created SD card. Make sure it is connected to your LAN (i.e. home WiFi Router) using a straight Ethernet cable. Your Windows PC should also be connected to the same LAN using WiFi or Ethernet. Login to your WiFi router's management web page and figure out the IP address that your router has assigned to your Raspberry Pi. In my case the Raspberry Pi's address was Looking up RPi's IP address from the rout