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Linux Internals

What happens at boot? Kernel Boot Process by 0xAX at Github Analyzing the Linux boot process by Alison Chaiken What happens when a device is plugged in? What actually happens when you plug in a USB device? by Ian Wienand What happens when you execute a userspace programm from the command line? How to show all shared libraries used by executables in Linux? Stack Overflow Loading of shared libraries and RAM usage Unix & Linux Stack Exchange What happens when you compile userspace applications? How to write shared libraries?  by Ulrich Drepper Static, Shared Dynamic and Loadable Linux Libraries Load-time relocation of shared libraries Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries Where the top of the stack is on x86 What happens when you compile the kernel? Shrinking the kernel with link-time garbage collection Shrinking the kernel with link-time optimizati

Hacking "ESP8266 Black Board T5" Part 1 - Blinky on Keil

A few months ago, I got my hands on ESP8266 Black cloud features Board T5  which has an ESP8266, an 8051 microcontroller and a few sensors. The 8051 microcontroller acts as a master to the ESP8266 and comes loaded with a demo program which is supposed to work with some android app. ESP8266 can be directly programmed using Arduino, so it would be better if I would reprogram the 8051 to act as a slave connected to ESP8266. The ESP8266 will run an Arduino sketch (that I would write) and ask the 8051 for the sensor readings (over UART). To do that I would need to program the 8051 with come C program that I have written. So the first step was to learn how to compile a simple blinky program for the 8051 and be able to download and run it on it. Links: Black Board T5  User guide (in Chinese) explain how to use the android app ( Translated version ) Reworking the AI Thinker "Black board T5 Schematic of Black Board T5  (You will need Batang font to view it) Source code (Keil u