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We already have a nice sweet logo for LARE. (See the banner above) But as a company whose major business lies in designing electronics, a simple logo is very desirable. The aim is that the logo's design should lend itself to convenient reproduction via any of the huge variety of processes. For example, the fabrication process for Printed Circuit Boards requires that the logo should be made of monochromatic line art. Here are a few trials by my "confederate in crazy/creative works" towards designing an alternative logo for LARE. Have to admit, trying out various designs for a logo is good fun! Here is a scan of a PCB Panel during when we were trying out various designs for UNIBlocks: Here is a scan of a small PCB with LARE logo on it. The logo has come out sad isn't it!

WRT54GL & UNIBlocks

Linksys WRT54GL is a well known very hackable WiFi router. Of the numerous open source (and some closed source) software available for extending the functionality of this router, DD-WRT is the most popular. DD-WRT is a linux based replacement firmware ( Wikipedia Entry | Official Site ). DD-WRT allows one to connect a SD Card to the router. The SD card can be used to store logs, webpages etc.. The following webpages describe the hardware modification required to add a SD Card to the router: DD-WRT Wiki | craig at powco DD-WRT also dumps system messages one one of its two serial ports. The serial ports can be accessed by connecting then to your Computer's COM Port via a RS-232 Level Translator. The modification goes something like this . Well, as it turns out, UNIBlocks are pretty convenient to get these mods done. Here are some photos on how I did it! Here is the screen shot of the console output I received from DD-WRT over Serial Port 0 when I first attached a 16M

Team Bonding (using stickers!)

We like to do things differently at LARE - here you can see us working together putting version stickers on lots of ATmega8s for some project that we just completed. It's a "building the team spirit" activity - rather than playing games at some corporate picnic (corporate is too big a word for our - as yet a small organization!), we all take a break every now and then and spend time togehter on these little joys of life! (there were songs playing in the back ground!!) This reminds me of my childhood.. used to love all those stickers.. In fact I still love stickers very much, both my home & my office desktop CPU Cabinets are covered with them!! (Deeksha, thank you for the stickers!) Home Desktop: Office Desktop: