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Scanning X-Ray Films

So Recently - because of binge running - I ended up with pain in my right thigh. So I had to visit an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with a pulled sciatica . We got an X-Ray done to make sure it wasn't the spine that was digging into the nerve to cause pain. It wasn't. No I usually digitize my medical records myself - the prescriptions and lab reports. This time I had an X-Ray film that I needed to scan with a regular scanner. Drawing inspiration from here is what I got: Trial 1: Regular scan on Epson L550. Regular settings Trial 2: My friend has a Lenovo yoga 500 laptop - the one whose screen can be flipped 360 degrees and turned into a tablet PC. I did just that and used it as a backlight for the X-Ray film. I created a 1920x1080 sized image in mspaint with nothing but white in it. I used IrfanView to display the image fullscreen and placed the laptop over the X-Ray film on the scanner. Performed the scan with