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See my 8051 Collection !

While working on new chapters for Kenneth J. Ayala's Book on 8051 Microcontroller with Prof. Dhananjay Gadre, I had this desire to collect as many actual samples of 8051 variants as possible. I already had a sample of the original 8051 and Gadre sir was able to find me some 87C51s. I was able to add some more samples to my collection over the past 2 years. I put them all in a nice box, labelled them and presented the collection to LARE's Learning Center, Belapur, India for use as a teaching aid during their workshops/seminars/courses. Its fun to collect stuff! I hope this collection will help students realize the ubiquity of the 8051 based microcontrollers - they come in all sizes and have a wide range of feature sets, and even today they are installed in way too many systems as compared to other family of microcontrollers. Here are a few snaps of my humble collection:

The Box:

The 8051s:

Their labels on the box covers (part numbers and specs - image mirrored & rotated)

The SMD ones in detail:

Keil maintains a database of datasheets of all 8051 variants.