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The Insides!

What better way to teach students about architecture of embedded systems than to actually open up a few and show it to them?
We opened up a digital camera, an iPod, a GSM Cell phone, a TV game and a few computer accessories. We then stuck their innards between two thick pieces of A4 sized transparent plexiglass each and bolted them together to form exhibits. For the digital camera, we even printed out a pair of transparencies to outline the various sections on the main board. During the workshops, they proved to be a great practical teaching aid for exposing students to some real life design. After a few workshops, the glue gave way and the various sections inside the exhibits started falling apart. Since the sides were open, the dust made matters worse. And because we used to pack all of these 5 exhibits together, the bolts on each of them ended up scratching the surfaces of the plexiglass.
In the second version of these exhibits, we ought to make the transparent box sturdier and dust proof.

The Insides - of Fuji FinePix A345 Digital Camera

The Insides - of Fuji iPod Photo 20GB

The Insides - LG G1800 GSM Cell Phone

The Insides - TV Game (NES Clone)

The Insides - Assorted Computer Accessories

EDN Magazine carries a regular feature called "Prying Eyes" in which they open up a gadget and decribe its internals. The Prying Eyes articles are all available online here.