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Electroluminescent Strips

Electroluminescent strips are available in all shapes and sizes. They can even be cut to whatever shape is required as long as the end terminals are left unscathed. These strips find use as backlight for watches and other devices having LCDs. High voltage AC signal is required to turn on an EL Display and special drivers are available to achieve this. Typical AC voltages applied to the EL display are 50V to 250 VPK-PK, with a frequency of 50Hz to 1KHz. The current consumption depends on the area of the display - a display having an area of a few (< 5) square inches would draw somewhere around few tens of (< 100) microamperes.
So the job of the driver is to essentially draw a few tens of milliamperes at 3.3/5.0 volts DC and convert it to around 100Vp-p AC at a few hundred hertz and supplying a few tens of microamperes of current.

Information Regarding ELs: