Sunday, September 4, 2011

Motorola S-record file

Compilers for microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics like R8C and M16C usually output a .mot file which is a Motorola S-record file. This is a standard ASCII text file which contains the opcodes to be placed at each location within the target microcontroller's program flash memory. A programmer application software would read this .mot file and program the flash memory of the microcontroller chip accordingly. Motorola S-record format is somewhat similar to Intel HEX file format

The following quick reference chart will help you understand the Motorola S-record file format easily - specially useful if you are developing software to parse .mot file. The diagram was based on the data presented at:

A4 Landscape PDF File of the above diagram is here.
I have also made this diagram available on Wikimedia Commons here and have embedded it in the SREC article on Wikipedia.


Anjireddy Thatiparthy said...

Thanks for your information.

I'm just a beginner for the renesas controller. i have IDE to compile the code. but i'm not able to convert it into binary. Can you suggest me some other tools to convert mot to bin file.

Anurag Chugh said...

Hi, we used the utility here to convert .mot to .bin:
Motorola S-Record to BINARY File Converter

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