Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maruti Swift VXI OBD2 Connector

We have a Maruti Swift VXI which has a K series engine. Here's a photo of the OBDII connector located on the left inside of the dashboard panel under the steering wheel.

Do not yet know what all one can do with it.


Rommel said...

This car is a bang for the buck for me not only that this car has many advanced features that not only are comfortable but many of them are safety features to give you a very safe ride with smooth performance for any kind of journey.Thanks for sharing this review. Maruti Swift

Yogesh Srivastava said...

I would like to buy OBD2 Bluetooth device available on ebay and other sites, but i am not sure that weather Maruti Swift VXI 2011 (K-Series) model will support it. Please advise if you have any idea. Because some where i read that Maruti doesn't support.

Robert Jackson said...

This is the particular system which enables detection of errors in cars. Actually the is backed by sensors which indicate any kind of malfunction in your car. Needless to mention, the mechanic finds it easier to detect problems in your car with the help of the Obdii Cable. The OBD scanners, in general, can scan the following problems in your car.

souvik datta said...

hi all can any one plz suggest how and where can i buy obd connector port for my swift vdi 2007 thanks

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