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Inside a 30 rupees microSD card reader

Chip on board. Itne paise mein itnaich milega.


  1. Do you think glop-top IC packing is less reliable, durable and runs hotter than a typical packaging? This's and old reader i still have:
    a very discrete circuit, even if you'd pay well for a well done reader, there are not anymore. I'm always afraid that my micro sd card reader (worse than yours, w/o smd caps), kills my 32gb cards (full of hard-important work). What do you think? . Nice blog.

  2. @Blaze:

    I think that glob top are a compromise on the quality too and yes that does seem to make them run hotter. I guess the best way is to connect your camera to the computer and not use a card reader at all. Now days even built in card readers found in Laptops are based on glob tops.

    Its all about bringing down the cost. But then you end up discarding so much of these cheap electronics that it makes you think, wouldn't it be better to pay more for a high quality product that last longer and creates less pollution... but like you said, no one's making them.


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